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mandala step 1

Phase 1

mandala step 2

Phase 2

mandala step 3

Phase 3

These images show the progession of illumination during the mandala making process.


Adapted from an article in Women's World Magazine, October 2008

  1. Gather these supplies: A piece of black paper and a white pencil. You may choose to play healing or inspirational music, as long as it does not distract from the inward process.
  2. Set a healing intention or positive affirmation. This can be for yourself, someone else, or the world. Write it on one side of the paper. Some ideas include "love," "forgiveness," "thank you for this moment."
  3. Trace a circle on the other side of the paper. You can use the bottom of a cup, a compass, or a plate in whatever size you choose.
  4. Think of a healing sound. This could be "amen," "om," or a special prayer. You may sound this out loud as you begin and in steps 7 and 8, below.
  5. As you contemplate your healing intention, ask for an image that will help represent that intention. Do not discount any image, just trust the process. When you have an image, begin to draw it in the circle. This is not about creating a "finished product," but rather a process as a form of meditation.
  6. As you draw, imagine the design radiating from your heart. Visualize the white pencil as a healing light wand. This is a process of expressing a pattern of energy.
  7. When finished, imagine bringing the image into your heart, then dissolving the image and it going back to the source of pure light.
  8. Imagine releasing the image to the universe. Picture the light energy returning to you.

You may repeat this process for each new mandala. You may use white or colored pencils for the process. To view the mandala gallery, click here.

"All physical and mental sufferings come by identification, imagination, and wrong human habits of thinking.

"There are diseases of bacterial invasion, the consequence of breaking hygienic laws. There are diseases of mental infection from fear, anger, worry, greed, temptation, and lack of self-control-the consequences of disobeying the mental laws of being. And there are subtler diseases that arise from spiritual ignorance.

"Do not forget that ignorance of your divine soul-nature is the mother of all physical, mental, and spiritual diseases."

-Paramahansa Yogananda, author, Autobiography of a Yogi



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